Tuesday, May 17, 2011

MHQ's First Year At Fashion Weekend 2011

We had our first stand at the buzzing Fashion Weekend in Sydney this weekend and man it was hecccctic.
Girls running riot (literally), champagne flowing, more clothing than you could dream up and a lot of happy energy flowing through.

Thanks so much to those who came by the stand, hung out and shopped up what we had to offer...which was a LOT.
We love chatting to our MHQ girls so it was lovely to meet some of our amazing customers in person!
If you missed out this year - don't fret, we are sure to be back next year!

Was also a great opportunity to soak up some street-style shots...thanks go out to Vanessa and Bel for snapping some up for us.
Check out the post Vanessa did covering her day on Saturday with us HERE...she is a legend and a half.



  1. Great pics and streetstyle photos ladies! I'm a finalist in a huge blogging comp at the moment, just wondering if you're interested in some cross-promotion? Let me know xx