Friday, May 20, 2011

Tuula's MHQ Shopping Cart

We had the pleasure of having Jessica Stein from Tuula Blog come in to help style our product shoot this week.

Jess was an absolute delight to have into MHQ and we hope to have her back again soon!
We were pretty excited to see she also did an amazing behind-the-scenes post on her time with us
Check it out HERE !
Above is a little collage of Jess' MHQ picks and what she walked away with from the day...
...we noticed she was particularly lusting over The Story Of's range, but who isn't!?

Somedays Lovin' Johnny Guitar Jacket
Market's Aladdin Carpet Bag
The Story Of Heartbeat Knit Short
The Story Of All Day All Night Ruffle Vest

Happy Friday all!
We are pretty to party!