Wednesday, June 15, 2011

oh Wednesday you're a drag...

We're halfway through the week. Struggling? Take a breath and have a hot beverage. Whether you settle on the couch at home, pull up a chair at a cosy cafe or go for a stroll through the park... Wrap your hands around that hot bev, take a sip and you'll feel instantly better and ready to face the rest of the working week. Cappuccino, green tea, chai latte, hot chocolate with marshies? Hmm what to choose..



  1. Love this post !!!! I'm a lover of tea, chai lattes, cakes and a walk through the park.

    Kudos for the calendar "wtf" reference, I laughed so hard ! 1 day til the weekend again, woo !

    Lola xox

  2. ohhh biscuit pocket genius xxx