Monday, July 25, 2011

Alison Mosshart || The Kills

MINKPINK Cheet'n'Heart Cardigan, MINKPINK Crown Street Skinny Jeans, UNIF Top, Berry Bowler Hat.

Alison Mosshart, lead vocalist for The Kills, has insane indie rock style. Messed up hair and dark nails with tees, blazers, skinny jeans, bowler hats, wayfarer-style sunnies, animal print, small pendant necklaces, leather and studs. She is everything a female lead of a band should be and more.

I've stood in a thousand street scenes
Just around the corner from you
On the edge of a dream that you have
Has anybody ever told you it's not coming true



  1. I'm going to see her tomorrow night! :) :) :) Getting even more excited after this post!

  2. Love her!

  3. F*cking awesome post... Alison is HOT and mega talented. Can't waiti to see The Kills this weekend. xx