Sunday, July 3, 2011

Homebody Sunday

Sunday is the ultimate day to spend at home. Wake up at midday, stay in your PJs, have a magnificent breakfast (for lunch), catch up on reading, click through the photos taken on your camera over the past week, paint a picture, drink endless cups of tea and coffee, sit by the window or spend the day in bed.

How do you spend your Sunday?



  1. much the same, but realising that i had work at 10:00 kind of put a damper on things especially that i was two hours late, probaly didnt help things aha

    xx. lovely blog though!

  2. sunday is the best day.
    breakfast in bed, day of reading and chilling. and then a pub dinner. mmmmm!

  3. Lazing around in sunny warm bed with tea and a good book sounds like bliss! plus a surf then big bgreakie ith my girls and yep, ultimate Sunday. Awww if only life wasn't so busy right?! x x x

  4. I love this post !

    Lazy Sundays are certainly the best day of the week !
    My beau and I slept in. Once awoken we enjoyed a glorious brekky accompanied with a pot of hot tea, whilst basking in the sunlight on our porch swing located on the back verandah...
    Some mornings are just perfect :)

    Lola xox

  5. Lazing close to within sun-drenched comfortable mattress along with teas along with a great guide seems like happiness! along with a browse after that large bgreakie ith my personal ladies as well as yes, greatest Weekend. Awww if perhaps existence was not therefore hectic correct?!

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