Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fill Your Hands With Jewels

The best way to update your look is by accessorising, and a simple first step is to stack on the rings. Whether it's several large cocktail rings, small silver and gold bands or a mixture of both, wearing several at once can really add a touch of glitz and sophisticated glamour. Go modern with shiny silver or effortless cool with rustic silver and bronze. Add in gemstones and try above the knuckle rings for an interesting effect.

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  1. love this look, but dont the right rings to pull it off. Will defs need to invest in some :)

    Girl holding a paintbrush

  2. This post has made me realise that I just don't own enough rings! Gosh there are some amazing ones!! I really like the cross one about halfway down the pics xx

  3. amazing pictures! Looks great!
    Unfortunately I don't have so many pics!