Sunday, September 18, 2011

Style Space - Laura

Name: Laura Bray
Blog: Wrinkle In Time Vintage
Role: MHQ intern for a week
  1. What are you wearing?
    White crochet jumper and sunflower shorts are both vintage. Tote bag is from Market HQ. Crochet brogues from Therapy Shoes. Necklace is a custom made piece from a boutique called Pipis.

  2. Where do you get your inspiration from when putting together outfits?
    I get all my inspiration from street style blogs/features in magazines, I also get a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers!

  3. If you were to put together an outfit of MHQ pieces, what would they be?
    I would wear the Stop and Stare blouse, the Sway My Way Shorts, Square Eyes cardigan and finish with off with the Alexa Leather satchel. Perfect for a day of trawling markets!

  4. Favourite movie?
    V for Vendetta. I did one of the characters for my drama HSC performance!

  5. Song on repeat?
    Anything by Adele

  6. What fashion blogs do you love to read?
    I can't get enough of Gary Pepper Vintage, Shine By Three and Natalie Off Duty

  7. Where do you love to shop?
    I always manage to find my best pieces at thrift stores, but I also love purchasing basic, staple items from online stores like Tospshop and Market HQ!

  8. What did you love the most about interning at Market HQ?
    I really don't count hanging out with some of the coolest girls on the planet as working, so I'd definitely say the people! Oh, and the clothes, can't forget the clothes.


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  1. love the shorts!!