Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MEET MARKET - Meet The Boys

Angelina is after Jen's man (again), Jay Z has a secret baby, Britney Spears refuses to kiss Lady Gaga, and MHQ is SELLING MEN!!

Well that's a lie... we're not exactly selling them, just helping them find new smokin' hot lady friends (we're just that nice) so here's a shout out to all those gals who are sock of hearing their single friends bang on about how they're not getting... well... adequate attention from the opposite sex?

MARKET HQ has just the competition for you...
Think Perfect Match circa '89... the men are spunks, the women... perhaps a little needy? 
And the prizes... BLOODY BRILLIANT! Not only a date for your friend with the potential love of her life but a $1500 WARDROBE for you both to share - with love from us!

But for now... get your ass on board!

Step 1. Hit the MHQ Facebook page and click the meet market tab to peruse the produce we have on offer.

Step 2. Nominate your most spectacular single friend to win a date with a hunk from the meet market.

Step 3. Get every damn person you know to vote this lucky little lady to the top of the ladder.

Step 4. Sit back in your new amazing wardrobe and watch the new couples love bloom knowing you and you only are responsible for such a perfect match (or not?). At the very least you'll have a damn good laugh...

What are you waiting for?!

Get there, enter a friend or at least check out the competition and vote someone towards their dating destiny!