Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rock Lobster

Fire up those legs and get them into a pair of MINKPINK Rock Lobster jeans or shorts. With hipsters, slashers and high waisted jeans, there's a style to suit every shape. Rock them with a bit of black leather, aztec print or a white tee. A bright splash of colour never looked so good.



  1. I was wondering why on earth you were googling 'rock lobster' now I know!

    -Laura x

    PS Those ankle boots that Erin Wasson is wearing are amazeballs! I wish I could afford Opening Ceremony stuff because I'd totally snap them up!

  2. Oh Erin Wasson, why so hot???? Thinking I may have to upgrade my MP slashers to a coloured pair, those are fierce! xo

  3. We were out one night and met this craziest dude sporting the skinny reds and he had a signature dance move which we named the Red Pants Prance. Just sayin'. We still refer to it. It's golden.