Sunday, March 4, 2012

Model Love - Cara Delevingne

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Birthday:August, 12.
Born in London.
Zodiac sign: Leo.
Nickname: C- Diddy.
Personal motto: Stay cool.
Fashion is: Expression of anyone. Anyone can use fashion to express himself.
I became a model: Because I needed money! No, because it's a great job and I meet amazing people. And then, for money, but it's not the only reason!
My style is: I've not a specific style, I mix different looks, maybe my style it's relaxed yet chic.
Favorite Fashion Designer: I love fashion designers, but I prefer vintage clothes, I get crazy for any vintage shop!
All time style icon: Ahh so many!
Favorite dress: A TBA dress. I'm not a great fan of dresses, I prefer basicly dresses or vintage dresses.
Fashion Tip: Be comfortable!
I love: Music, performing, singing, acting, everything. And meat, I love meat. I'm a meat eater.
I dislike: Fish, a lot. And also high heels.
First thing I do when I wake up: Go back to sleep.
Last thing I do before I go to sleep: I don't know, listen some music, play the drums, write some songs, I want to relax.
On my room’s wall I have: A big poster of Bob Marley, he is a legend. And also one of Jimi Hendrix, Notorius Big and Marilyn Monroe too.
Pets: I had lots of dogs and cats, when we lived in a big house.
Tattoo or piercing: Ears pierced and no tattoos.
Color: Periwinkle blue.
Music: Soul, I love Soul. But also Hip hop, reggae, i love any type of music.
Movies: True Romance, Zoolander and also I really like Inception.
Dream concert: Bob Marley. Or Jimi Hendrix.
Sport: Tennis, surf, longboard.
Hobby: Singing, acting, performing, rapping. Any type of performance.
Seaside or Mountain: Definitely seaside. I love the sun.
Country/City I want to visit: India, Argentina, Jamaica... everywhere!
I'm in love with: Travelling.
I want to change: The government. I wanna be the Prime Minister.
Projects for future: Acting.
My biggest dream: To do a film with Meryl Streep, she is my favorite actress.

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  1. she is such a stunner. Plus she is always so effortlessly chic. Her leather jacket is phenomenal