Wednesday, February 20, 2013

TRENDING - 90s Grunge

Without a doubt one of the best trends ever... we love 90s style at MHQ. Inspired by Alicia in Clueless, Drew in Poison Ivy, Gwen Stefani's music vids, The Spice Girls, and the whole era where Kate Moss was everything and more... we're crushing on all things plaid, tartan, ripped, holographic, leopard, studded, and colour blocked. MINKPINK and Evil Twin are your go-to labels and we definitely recommend you check out the style of our awesome blog friend and MINKPINK Accessories Designer Annabel Wendt.


  1. so good. so so good. love that phillip lim collection!

  2. omg I said the same thing on my blog!

  3. love love love the 90's trend. being able to wear distressed denim and plaid and docs and crop tops. ahhhh heaven!

  4. enjoy enjoy really like the 1990's trend. to be able to wear distressed jean material along with tartan as well as docs as well as plant tops. ahhhh paradise!
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