Friday, February 28, 2014


Running out of gift ideas? Well here's an easy peasy one for you to do over the weekend and will save you heaps of cash too! Lets get creative...

What you'll need: 

Large white porcelain mugs 

Painter's tape or duct tape (both work)
Porcelain chalkboard paint 
Brown paper bag or newspaper

1Cover the top or bottom half or your mug with tape
(If you are going to paint the entire mug, skip this step) If you only want to paint half the mug, carefully divide the mug in half with tape. Press the tape down tightly so no paint seeps up.

2. Paint the mug with chalkboard paint

If you are painting the whole mug, do this now. Be sure to wipe away any drips inside of the mug while the paint is wet. If you are painting half the mug, do so carefully with a wide-angle brush. Once you are done painting, carefully remove the tape.

3Let dry and bake
Bake mugs for about 35 minutes. Baking the mugs will ensure the paint is dishwasher and microwavable. Once mugs have baked, let sit in the cool oven until dry.

4. Decorate!

Let your imagination go wild and decorate the mugs to your heart's content!

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