Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We The People Streetstyle x MHQ

MHQ have decided to join creative forces and get our own exclusive Street-Style photographer in the mix.

The eye behind the lense for us is going to be the talented Jessie Bush who we discovered over at

We have been stalking her Street-Style based blog for a while now,
and couldn't help but want to get involved...check out our little one on one with her below.

What inspired you to initially get into street-style photography?
I've always been interested in fashion, and while I was at Uni I toyed with the idea of creating a blog. I wasn't entirely sure what the focus of my blog would be until my boyfriend and I did a stint through South East Asia and I fell in love with photography. When we got back to New Zealand I couldn't put my camera down, so shooting street style seemed like the perfect solution.

What about a person most attracts you to want to shoot them?
It's more about a personal charisma and style rather than being fashionable. Confidence and charisma translate well on camera, and for me that's what makes an interesting image.

Do you ever find it awkward / hard to approach strangers and build up a repour to have them feeling comfortable in front of the camera? Most people don’t like their photo being taken!?
In the beginning it was intimidating approaching people, but it didn't take long for it to feel completely normal. While people may not like getting their photo taken, asking to be shot is a form of flattery and most people graciously accept. Meeting new people every day is probably the best part about shooting street style, so it's more of a perk!

Where do you hope your photography to take you at this stage?
Photography is still pretty new to me, so right now I'm collaborating with friends and building up my experience. I shot my first look book a couple weeks ago, which was lots of fun. Hopefully I'll keep meeting new people and things will go from there.

What could we catch you doing if you weren’t out style-hunting on the streets?
Cooking up a storm, watching old TV series (Seinfeld, The Office..) and spending far to much time online.

Advice to budding street style photographers and bloggers?
Make sure your confident with photography before venturing out, you want to be able to take the right shot reasonably quickly to make the whole process as easy as possible for your subject. Have fun, be friendly and polite and people will reciprocate!

You can also follow Jessie on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

Looking forward to doing our first post next week with her exclusive shots for MHQ on Tuesday!



  1. YAY! i love streetstyle photos... it's so cool to be able to see how everyday people style themselves. definitely an awesome wardrobe inspiration :)

  2. Really love the dress of the 3rd picture, it's great!

  3. Loving all these outfits, such inspiration!

    Xx One More Chance