Thursday, May 1, 2014


You'll need...

2 large strawberries, sliced
2 lime wedges, center pith removed (from lime cut into 8 wedges)
2 large mint leaves
2 teaspoons granulated sugar
2 ounces cachaça
ice to top off the glass
large shot of whipped cream (We use Land O Lakes whipped cream in a can, the light version.) 
small strawberries with green tops, cut in half 

Muddle the strawberries, lime wedges, mint leaves and sugar until the strawberries and limes are pretty well smashed. Add the cachaça and pack in the ice to the rim, then top with a large dollop of whipped cream. Shake vigorously in the cocktail shaker for about 10 seconds, then pour it all back into the glass. Make a slit in the bottom of the strawberry and slide it onto the rim of the glass, then serve.

Recipe via: Andrea Meyers

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